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The Wet Nurse

Mother Rachel Britfel (a.k.a. The Wet Nurse, Mother,)

The Wet Nurse or Rachel Britfel is a well know and highly sought-after Personal Fulfillment Facilitator. Her specialty is in Mother, baby, or breastfeeding fantasies. While people seek her out for the listed reasons man others seek her out because of her beauty and he own personal sultry fetish.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rachel Britfel holds to a strict standard of fitness and body maintenance to make sure she is in top condition for her clients and is able to produce enough milk for her seasons.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rachel was raised in Salasa as a child of a leatherworker in Epru. During birth, her mother died and so Rachel was raised by her father. Her father devoted a massive amount of his time to leather making and while a good father his attention to Rachel was not what it could have been. As Rachel grew up she saw other kids who had their mothers and longed to have hers and know her. Rachels father told her stories about her mother all the time, explaining she was a soft woman and her voice could calm a Nigki. That her mother would take care of the old and poor in the village and went out of her way to make the people were taken care of.
When Rachel came to adulthood she decided to travel Asmatum and learn about apothecary and being a midwife and follow in her mother's footsteps and take care of people. This journey led her to have an education with the doctors and midwives of Mursu. after a time she became a highly sought after midwife because her specialty came from a cocktail of herbs she devised called mothers milk that promoted lactation in women who struggled to produce milk for there children.
During one of her trips Rachel was helping a woman give birth however during then pregnancy the mother died of bleeding. full of compassion for the father Henrick, Rachel stayed longer to help teach the father what he needs to know about raising a child. She also went a step further and tried to induce lactation on herself by drinking mother's milk. After a week of taking it, she started to produce small amounts which grew to larger amounts over time. Rachel stayed with the man until the child was one and could eat mashed foods properly. Rachel became the first wet nurse to not have lactation induce by pregnancy.
During the time she spent with Henrick and his daughter Gale she came to know Henrick very well. Learning that he also had grown up without a mother and the idea of Gale being raised without one crushed him because he believed deeply that a mother's touch could bring out the best in a person. Racheal had deep compassion for the man and found during her time with the family that Henrick responded favorably to when she acted as a mother and treated him like a child. 
Over time this developed into almost a type of therapy for Henrick and soon began calling Rachel Mother. This turn of the role and increased power over Henrick turned into a sort of emotional fetish for Racheal. Soon when she would disciple Henrick she would reward him with treats or affection. This escalated to rewarding Henrick one night with something new that he had never experienced before after Gale had fallen asleep for the night. Rachel asked Henrick to come to her room when they got there Rachel sat in a chair in the corner and motioned for Henrick to come and sit on her lap.
As he sat down and Rachel pulled him close and started to affirm him for all the good work he had done learning to be a great parent to Gale. She held his head on her chest as she explained that she had to leave now because other people needed her help, but she would never forget him because he also thought her so much about caring for people. Henrick started to cry and Rachel comforted him. She told him she loved him as he begged her not to leave. she hushed him and slowly unbuttoned her blossoms removed her breast from her shirt and feed Henrick.
After she left she traveled for a while and happened upon Nahu and found a place where she could help men and women alike with her ability to produce breast milk at will. Over time what was something that was originally meant to help people and be therapeutic, turned perverse and sexual.


Rachel was educated primarily through Wasuan Midwifes and herb doctors in Mursu. She trained in Mursu for many years learn all sort of techniques and and plant remedies for aliments. Rachel became one of the most sought after midwives in Asmatum.
True Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
4226 WH -3731 Years old
Chesnut Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sun Kissed
5' 4"

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