Scabbard Wastes Equipment

Expanding Mundane Equipment
As we further explore the many unique Erenel Kingdoms, equipment options, armor, and weapon offerings will grow! The intention is to provide a variety of new and exciting items, not overshadow equipment already in-game.   New equipment properties are available with the ultimate goal of adding diversity to your table. As a Dungeon Master, feel free to allow the provided options without unique properties if you wish. However, all item properties are designed to adhere to the design philosophy of 5E and have been playtested.
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  The following equipment specializes in the region's intense heat and can help separate healthy travel from certain death. Cultures and races of the Scabbard Wastes also utilize unique weaponry, which will prove helpful in the wastes and beyond.  



A heavier sword with a shorter handle and a slightly curved blade, the Falchion is known in the Scabbard Wastes as an "executioner's weapon."  


A unique sword with a blade that curves into a backward sickle. Khopesh wielders often use the hooked blade to perform trip attacks in combat.  

Finger Blade

A 6 inch bladed extension that wraps tightly around your forefinger. A small switch can be squeezed in the palm as a bonus action, applying a stored poison onto the blade. The Finger Blade can hold enough poison for one application.  

Scorpion Tail Whip

A whip made from the dried tail of a large scorpion that ends in an intact stinger.  

War Fan

Commonly used by the Ahn'Kalin, the War Fan can fold into a compact shape, yet with the flick of the wrist, the fan opens, and the thin, razor-sharp sheets slide into place.  


Daorin Eyeshade

Ground-up Daorin found along the Echo River can be used as an oily marking smeared under your eyes to reduce the effects of the sun. Daorin eyeshade can last up to 8 hours and prevents eye glare.  


Portable shade provided by an umbrella made of wood or bone and animal hides.  

Sand Worm Hide

A thin layer of Sand Worm hide cut into a sheer material can be layered under armor and allow the skin to respire, while the hide absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Extremely effective against extreme heat and provides someone wearing Sand Worm Hide advantage on rolls against hot climates.  

Water Distillation Kit

This hit uses the sun to evaporate "dirty" water for safe consumption. Pour the dirty water into the container and place the kit in direct sunlight to use the still. Condensation will fall into a separate container providing up to 1 gallon of water per day if the container is filled to capacity.  

Wayfare Spectacles

Made from thin layers of glass affixed to stylish curved frames, the wayfare spectacles are popular with caravans and sand wayfares and prevent eye glare.


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Rules to Remember

With the introduction of new weapon properties, a friendly clarification and reminder on specific rules.
  • Bleed does not take effect if you only damage temporary hit points.
  • Shoving a creature is considered a special melee attack.

Special Properties


After successfully dealing damage to the hit points of a creature that has blood, apply 1 stack of the bleed condition. For each stack of the bleed condition, the bleeding creature takes 1 damage at the start of their turn. The bleed condition can stack up to a total of (5) stacks.   Multiple bleed conditions cannot be placed on the same target, but stack together. All stacks are removed when the bleeding target receives any healing, or after a successful Medicine skill check.   Medicine skill check DC = 8 + total bleed stacks.  


When you critically hit by rolling a natural 20 with this weapon, you can treat any 1 rolled on a damage die as a 2. Deadly only applies if the critical hit comes from rolling a natural 20 and does not function with class features or similar effects that broaden critical hit range.  


When wielding a weapon with the trip property, you gain a +2 bonus on Strength (Athletics) checks when using the Attack action to shove a creature.

Magic Items

Sand Cloud Bomb

Wondrous item, common
A mixture of volatile chemicals that produces a cloud of dense sand on contact with air. As an action, you throw the bomb up to 20 feet, breaking it on impact. A cloud of sand forms in a 10 foot cube at the point of impact, heavily obscuring the area until the sand cloud clears after 1-minute. When a creature enters the sand cloud for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, it takes 1d4 bludgeoning damage.   A moderate wind (at least 10 miles per hour) disperses the smoke in 4 rounds; a strong wind (20 or more miles per hour) disperses it in 1 round.  

Tomb Delver Gloves

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)
These gloves provide protection for tomb delvers brave enough to plunder lost pyramids in the Scabbard Wastes. Gain resistance to poison damage. Additionally, whenever you make a Constitution saving throw against an undead creature, you can make the roll at advantage.   (Examples: Rotting Fist from a Mummy, Life Drain from a Wraith, Claws from a Ghoul.)


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