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Lightbound were once demons and devils, taken prisoner and confined in Sanctuary, an angelic prison in the Above. After countless years of rehabilitation by the Angelic Choir, Lightbound are declared “Redeemed” by the Solar Raduriel, the Redeemer and returned to the mortal plane to begin life anew.
First Wardens, an Angelic Choir led by the Solar Raduriel, the Redeemer, serve True Law as angelic jailers. In the holy prison Sanctuary, the angelic choir confines exceptional prisoners and attempts to rehabilitate their wicked ways with a second chance at eternal life. Prisoners range from monstrous abominations, fallen angels, and god-eaters, all taken captive and brought to Sanctuary's impenetrable prison.   Lightbound were once such prisoners. Yet, before they were Demons and Devils, they were merely misguided Elves. Following the lies of Vyse Tyranal, the Fallen Elf, these misguided Elves descended into the Below with their leader, turning their back on the light. Unfortunately for the Elves, the Fallen Elf turned deeper into madness and transformed his loyal allies into horror incarnate.   Genetically engineered Elves who willingly gave themselves to suffering slowly evolved into Devils, intelligent evil creatures who follow a strict infernal bureaucracy to serve the Fallen Elf. Genetically engineered Elves who attempted to escape their suffering slowly evolved into Demons, the embodiment of chaos and evil whose sole purpose is destruction.   A Lightbound is "born anew" after being taken captive by the Angelic First Wardens, where they are "rehabilitated." Their malevolence blunted by the Light's Sigil.

Light's Sigil

Each Lightbound is branded with the Light's Sigil as part of their redemption. Not only does this help quell their fiendish tendencies, but it also serves to notify others of their redemption.   This Sigil also acts as a magical lobotomy. A Lightbound is ageless and have undoubtedly performed extensive heinous acts while transformed as Devils and Demons in the Below. The Sigil effectively suppresses a Lightbound's memories, dulling the weight of the sorrows and miseries before their redemption in Sanctuary.   However, the Sigil does not remove memories and merely acts as a padlock on the past, preventing their access. As Light’s Sigil wanes over the years, a Lightbound can choose to try and draw upon these memories, potentially breaking the lock and sending them spiraling as a wave of negative emotions resurfaces.   This dilemma is one all Lightbound must face. Do you dare search for aspects of your past, chipping away at the padlock, or live in blissful ignorance? Regardless of if the Light’s Sigil is broken, all Lightbound have been touched by the light and can choose a path forward.

Basic Information


Lightbound retain their devil or demon appearance from before their redemption. They can have large horns that take various shapes, thick tails, canine teeth and skin tones that cover a wide range of colorations.   Where a Lightbound differs from other devils and demons is the noticeable “holy markings” from their time in Sanctuary. Their horns and eyes might support a divine glow, and small cracks in their skin seem to spark with holy light. All Lightbound bear the Light’s Sigil mark, typically found in the center of the forehead. This mark is three vertical lines, one for each Deity of Light.
Lightbound do not age and can live indefinitely if undisturbed. Upon death, they are judged as a mortal soul by Bedoma.
Average Height
3 ft - 7 ft
Average Weight
60 - 300 lbs

Lightbound Society

Lightbound face many difficulties upon returning to the Mortal Plane. Due to their past, some look unfavorably at Lightbound, only seeing the fiend before them. Others fully embrace their path of redemption but keep them at arm's length in case they revert to their demonic nature.   Other Lightbound continue to support the Fallen Elf, seeing their time spent in Sanctuary as tyrannical. These Lightbound search for ways to free themselves of their holy condition and return to the Below.

Lightbound Traits

Your Lightbound character has a variety of natural abilities common with your ancestry.
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