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Unlike any other race, the Kavuli were born, falling from the sky sheathed in hardened meteorites after the Great Sacrifice. Their origin unknown; some believe they are created by other Architects who cast shooting stars across the Nothingness, others claim they are born of Al’Madoon, encased in dying stars seeking to return home.
Fueled by their third eye, Kavuli are naturally psionic, using their own mind and life force to produce psionic effects. For all Kavuli, the line between thinking and doing is razor-thin. This constant state has led to the perception that Kavuli are highly reserved. In reality, they have developed strict self-control habits to hold their emotions at bay. Other Kavuli take on odd mannerisms or ticks to control their state of mind, leading to outsiders viewing them as eccentric.   Kavuli are driven by a need to understand a situation followed by mastering it. While they are naturally intelligent and realize they cannot master everything, it doesn’t prevent a Kavuli from enthusiastically moving from one challenge to the next. This drive for mastery manifests itself deeply into their society, with each Kavuli highly aware of their position in their social hierarchy.   Even more than humans, the Kavuli have an instinctive drive to rise to the top of their governing body. In Kavuli only communities, the competition to grow in social status can grow intense as a Kavuli plots their rise while guarding themselves against their rivals. Still, the Kavuli are pragmatic and realize it unnecessary to hold grudges and the importance of allies – unless their opponent is overly cruel.

The Cabal

Because of their birth, Kavuli do not have families in the traditional sense. Instead, they form a community called a cabal with other Kavuli and like-minded races. Most Kavuli naturally fall into a cabal when a skywatching party discovers their meteorite and remain with their cabal until death.   Loyalty to a cabal is reinforced daily within the community, with a Kavuli cabal ranging from fifty to well into the thousands. Here, day-to-day life is dictated by the cabal’s needs which are established by leaders in the social hierarchy.   Conflict is common between cabals but viewed much differently than how other Erenel races go to war. A war between cabals is called a “mute war,” with political sabotages, diplomatic strategies and escalating social disturbances coming before bloodshed. When bloodshed occurs, Kavuli turn to assassination attempts first before all-out assaults. This lack of physical violence is often attributed to their lower birth rate compared to other races.

Basic Information


Those who look upon the Kavuli’s strange features can see their cosmic origins behind their human resemblance. Typically standing between 5 and 7 feet in height, they are slender and long-limbed people with thick pale skin and hair that ranges in many colors, generally kept long. Males grow great beards, often untrimmed, reaching down to their waist or wrapped around their neck and shoulders.   The most significant feature of a Kavuli is their third eye, centered in their forehead. This third eye opens at birth but slowly hardens over time, becoming an unclosing luminous crystal. The third eye finishes transforming from an eye to a crystal by the Kavuli’s 2nd birthday.   A Kavuli can break their luminous crystal, revealing their third eye in an excruciatingly painful process. After which, the third eye will start to slowly harden over time, taking two years to complete its transformation. This process does not provide any benefit to the Kavuli and is more of a religious or political statement.

Genetics and Reproduction

The first Kavuli fell from the Nothingness surrounding Erenel, sheathed in meteorites. After a meteorite lands, it acts similar to an egg. The Kavuli grow inside until hatching and emerging as a child with an intellect equal to a human teenager. They can fend for themselves after hatching and mature quickly, reaching adulthood in two years.   Kavuli meteorites continue to fall from the Nothingness in the Era of Inner Flame. Because Kavuli cannot reproduce, skywatchers look to the night sky for shooting stars with cabals traveling great distances in the hopes of finding a fallen meteorite.

Ecology and Habitats

Kavuli rarely harm the wilderness to build cities and prefer to shape their homes out of trees and mountains instead of tearing them down. Villages flow under dense canopies, with outsiders often stumbling upon a small Kavuli town, only to be greeted by a cabal. Kavuli architecture is famous for its use of gemstone motifs and the natural shaping of grand forests to form roads and alleyways.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

A Kavuli will choose their own name after emerging from their meteorite egg. Typically vowel heavy, a Kavuli name often effortlessly flows off the tongue and lacks a surname.
Male: Antara, Cepheus, Feoras, Mirvael
Female: Aedai, Keelia, Nuala, Selinae
Kavuli reach adulthood after two years and can live to be 300 years old.
Average Height
5 ft - 7 ft
Average Weight
100 - 200 pounds

Kavuli Elder

Oriax the Watcher

Ascended Demigod
by Gamingbrew
Oriax the Watcher, a deity of knowledge and science, was once a Kavuli before his demigod ascension. Looked upon with great reverence by other Kavuli, Oriax was a master in many fields and responsible for creating Erenel’s agreed-upon calendar.   Those who worship Oriax carve his holy symbol, the third eye, into the trunk of weeping willows and seek to spread knowledge while purging falsehoods. Kavuli who leave their cabal behind often look to Oriax for inspiration and guidance with the hope they one day may find true mastery.

Kavuli Traits

Your Kavuli character has a variety of natural abilities common with your ancestry.
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