Pandaros, the Free City

We live by the mercy of the sea, and we die by her wrath. When she gives, we celebrate. When she takes, we beg for forgiveness. We never question her claim, for when she provides, we are free. When she takes from us, we know we have mistreated her, yet still, we are free.   Gathered today on Scrimshaw docks, we ask her, carry (name of deceased) to the depths below. We long for her to rock us to sleep and not break our bodies against the jagged shores. We embrace the cold depths knowing we lived free. We live free.
— Pandaros Funeral Passage
Welcome to the Free City of Pandaros, a wild and chaotic harbor where the spoils of raids and dungeon delves are sold without oversight or interference. Merchants looking to turn a fast profit and explorers ready to embark on perilous adventures make up much of the infamous city. The independent port city is located in the Crimson Shores, a large island chain in the center of The Great Divide Ocean.   Travelers should be warned, the city serves as a haven for pirates, smugglers and those fleeing debts or persecution. However, a driven personality with love for profit, admiration of the sea, and skill at commanding a sailing vessel will proudly call Pandaros home. A city where every rough and tumble resident with steady sea legs lives their life to the fullest.   As piracy expands in the waterways of Erenel, thanks to the rise and fall of nations struggling to find a footing in the new era, Pandaros flourishes. The Fickle Fortune Cove remains a safe stronghold for those evading Krov’s iron fist. For as long as the Tempest King’s strength dissuades outside threats, the Free City will continue to grow.


The mighty sorcerer, Tempest King, watches over the city, uncaring as long as he receives his tithe. Pledging loyalty to the Tempest King are the pirate lords of the Vice. Each Vice pirate lord commands their own ships, crew and claim various islands in the region.   While the Tempest King rules thanks to impressive spellcasting ability and command of the most substantial fleet in the Crimson Shores, in reality, he reigns at the sufferance of the Vice. Under the Vice pirate lords, up and coming captains who command their own ship vie for acceptance. These lesser captains often attach themselves to a Vice captain with the hope of increasing their reputation.   Each captain, no matter their reputation, is allowed to command their ship how they deem fit. Because of this freedom, it is expected that no captain will try to pass ideals onto another, regardless of circumstance. However, slights between captains have happened and will inevitably happen again. When a slight occurs, captains are free to fight amongst themselves if they wish – as long as their actions do not harm other captains, accidental or otherwise.   Since the free city's inception, the Tempest King has interfered only once in captain disagreements, resulting in both captain's death at sea. This act is seen as a result of circumstance. The Tempest King's prized artifact, the Cloudburst Trident, was stolen that afternoon in a grand heist. In his anger, a hurricane compounded overhead, inevitably destroying the ships during their combat.

Industry & Trade

A city filled with wealth and opportunity, the residence of Pandaros are typically drawn to one of three different "trades" outside of simple merchant, fisher and labor work.  


Occupying the center of important trade routes from the eastern coasts of Tonarian to the western shores of Lyrathil, merchant vessels are a constant supply of plunder. Pandaros is well known as the safest place in Erenel to sell stolen goods for a profit, with many businesses catering specifically to specific pirate captains.


A famous hub for monster hunters, the sea surrounding Pandaros and the Crimson Shores is teeming with colossal monstrosities. The Tempest King employs his own personal monster-hunting team to protect the city and allow ships to embark safely.   Still, the constant threat from below the water's edge always lingers. When dragon turtles and enormous serpents are slain and ferried to Scrimshaw Docks, a grand auction occurs shortly after. The great beast's corpse goes to the highest bidder's carving house with meat making its way to the butcheries shortly after.


Seafaring vessels in the Crimson Shores face a constant threat of piracy, dangerous weather, and sea monster attacks. Many ships carrying valuable trade goods have inevitably sunk to the ocean's floor, their riches waiting to make a salvagers coin purse fat.   These ship graveyards scattered amongst the coral reefs bring the promise of wealth and the unknown threat of what may lie dormant. Finders Keepers.


A sprawling city that expands across the Fickle Fortune Cove and vertically up the neighboring cliffside, Pandaros is divided into several districts. A confusing maze of rickety planks, wooden walkways, and bridges makes up the city's differing levels. The highest levels of Pandaros are also the wealthiest, with the Tempest King's Dreadnaught ship at the highest point. One need not fear hurricane winds blowing apart their makeshift shack. The Tempest King has not allowed a hurricane to cross Pandaros since he placed the Dreadnaught above Parley Peak in the year 598 EoBO.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
The Free City, Fickle Fortune Cove
Large city
Owning Organization

Notable Vice Pirate Lords

Captain Catrina Reaver


Captain Jalhazar


Captain Rahad


Captain Scarbelly


Captain Thresh the Flayer


Captain Vorka Riptide

Beggarbriar Alley

The lowest point of the city, Beggarbriar Alley, is crammed with housing made of weathered ship material for the destitute. These slums are unfortunately downstream from the many carving houses and butcheries, causing runoff of viscera and gore to attract unwanted wildlife, including enormous wharf rats and sharks. It is a familiar tale for sailors to grab a cheap pint and accidentally fall into the waters, the feeding frenzy now barely warranting attention.

Captain's Crawl

Though gambling halls, taverns and brothels are a familiar sight while walking the plank roofs of Pandaros, none reach the stakes or quality of those found in Captain's Crawl. Luxurious homes with spectacular views and easy access to the district's entertainment fill the area.

Dead Man's Hang

Natural stone arches extend high above the waterway entrance to Fickle Fortune Cove and the Scrimshaw Docks. Hanging high above the water from iron cages, the corpses of enemies of the Tempest King or high profile Vice Captains are left to rot. This city greeting serves as a grisly reminder and prohibits the highly regarded Pandaros Funeral Passage from being administered to the dead. Any slavers found in Pandaros are immediately rewarded by mob rule with a permanent residence at Dead Man's Hang.

Parley Peak

A rocky overhang above Pandaros overlooking Fickle Fortune Cove is the highest point in the city besides the famed Dreadnaught. To spill blood at Parley Peak is to bring the wrath of the sea itself to your ship, for at this spot, the first Vice captains decided to form their alliance.
  Two small lighthouses loom above Parley Peak, illuminating in such a way that the Tempest King himself is joked to be staring down upon the city.

Scrimshaw Docks

All ships, besides the Vice Pirate Lords and Tempest King, must arrive at Scrimshaw Docks. One of the most expansive docks in the world, Scrimshaw Docks stretch almost the entire length of the city. Closer to Beggarbriar Alley, the port is equipped with cranes and towers to lift colossal sea monsters. Fighting is a common occurrence at the docks as captains who have yet to build a reputation for themselves attempt to unload high-value cargo. As is expected, there are no guards in the free city; only the might of a captain's crew and fear of the Tempest King prevent anarchy.


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