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Erda is an earth-like world, orbited by two moons. Conveniently, the monumental appearance of Tomérr's comet was seen worldwide, and is now used as a universal calendar (Before & After T.C.). The current year is 727 ATC.   Technological development on Erda is a a flintlock musket / Age of Sail level in many places, and others are at a late medieval stage of development. Their are many geopolitical powers and countless factions, but the two biggest powers in the world are the Seltarn Federation and Verdual Impirium. Seltar's power stems from trade, technological prowess, and its immense navy. The Verdual Impirium is an expansionist, bureaucratic theocracy that operates through a puppet royal dynasty.   Magic is poorly understood, but known to be heavily influenced by celestial events. The only unbreakable rule of magic is that it most come from somewhere, and it cannot be destroyed (i.e. it dissipates into the environment). Users are called many things by many cultures, and channelers of the 'cosmic force' or 'energy' can do so with a variety of different approaches, most needing some sort of catalyst.   The southern supercontinent is inhabited by a diverse array of megafauna, from typical fantastical creatures such as wyverns to megatheriums.

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