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The Common Donkey; Beast of Burden

The common donkey of Erce is rather small, yet strong. It is capable of carrying heavy loads for long distances, and at moderately high speeds as well. It is a fast, strong, small animal, and is often used as a beast of burden. You may see a common donkey just about snywhere, from on a well-known pathway, to a small village or large city. The common donkey is so useful that almost everybody owns one, if not two or three. Nobles with a great deal of money may even purchase half a dozen to pull their carriages. The common donkey is somewhat beautiful, for a four-legged beast. Its fur can be any shade of grey, brown, or white. Often a common donkey will even have a bright gold stripe of fur on its head, as well as having silver hoofs.

Basic Information


The common donkey has four legs, a head very much like a horses, but a little shorter and stouter, and also a short tail with a tuft of fur on the end. It also has two small, triangular ears, and a short, stout body. The common donkey has small, silver hoofs, and a tuft of gold fur on the end of its tail. Usually Erce donkeys are spotted, with large patches of gold, brown, grey, black, or white fur on their bodies. Their ears are a delicate pink, and they usually have a white or silver muzzle.

Growth Rate & Stages

Erce donkeys grow rather quickly, and have only a few growth stages. These stages include baby donkey, young donkey, mature donkey, and old donkey.

Ecology and Habitats

Wild donkeys live in the forests of Erce, but are rarely seen or caught. Domesticated donkeys, on the other hand, live anywhere from on a farm to in a stable (as a nobleman's pet).

Dietary Needs and Habits

Donkeys eat grass, hay, fruits, and berries. Usually domesticated donkeys eat grass and hay, with the occasional treat of a berry or fruit. Wild donkeys live mainly on fruits, grass, and berries, with the occasional herb here and there.
Scientific Name
Originius Donkius

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