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The Arcane and other magical laws.

Magic is wild and untamed, but not for lack of trying. The peoples of Erathor have always tried to tame the world in the making of their societies and magic is no diffirent in that regard, except of course for the fact that it's harder to understand and often far more dangerous. When speaking of our limited understanding of magic there is no avoiding mentioning the arcane.  

The arcane, what is it and how does it work?

The arcane is a collection of areas of study and crafts which allows the denizens of Erathor to glimpse into a partial understanding of how magic works. What kind of arcane studies and crafts are prominently on display and how they are represented depends not only on individual studies but often on cultural and environmental impact. Arcane understanding can look vastly diffirent for diffirent cutures but still reach similar goals. One isn't superior to the other in that regard but culturaly there might be reasons to abide to certain practices over others.   Some examples of arcane studies and crafts incude:   Runeworks: The study and writing of runic languages, this si one of the more common ways to transcribe specific magic onto a magical artefact. There are plenty of runic languages and many new ones are still being made each witha specific purpose in mind.   Artificing: The craft of making a material more pliable and usable for magical purposes. Without artificers the runes that runeworkers wrote down would just be like scribbles on a paper. Artificers are also engineers in their own right with a great understanding of overall magic and also craftsmanship.   Alchemy: The study of the matters of the world and the crat of transmutation. Transmutation does not just mean making one material into another but rather making a material have the properties of another material.   These are some of the more common magical laws one need t keep track of:   The knockback effect: When you fire a gun you get recoil, the knockback effect is essentially the same thing. A well engineered artefact can negate some of this effect through using the right material and shape, for example. However there is no getting rid of it, a magician who wants to cast fire will feel some heat themselves and if one uses to much power then no artificers design can save a fool from their own demise.   Law of chaos:When you use magic a certain amount of chaos will leak out in the world, it is the price for the spell so to speak. This often doesn't result in direct harm to the caster but can often affect their envirnoment in unexpected ways in the long run. Chaos doesn't mean bad though and sometimes the effects have been downright positive but they always provide a change.  

Regarding Spellcasters

There are people who aren't bound by any of these laws or the need for the arcane to use magic. These people are called spellcasters and are incredibly rare, so rare that to most people they are a myth. Spellcasters havea more direct connection to the wild and untamed forces of magic and through them magic expresses itself with power that can shake kingdoms. Seemingly lately the number of spellcasters in the world is rising and the leading theory for this si that it's a side effect from chaos due to magical pollution.
Metaphysical, Arcane

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