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Entranced/Witch's Trance

Sitting in the comfort of his home, a wizard (witch) takes a deep breath in. Tonight is Trance Night, and he's not going to miss it. Smelling the incense floating through the air, he slips into the Witch's Trance, the world melting away. He stands up, his body staying behind in the same place, sitting almost taller now. He walks outside, uniting with the rest of the unseen Witches to help the dreamers of the world, fixing the environment, being a trickster, an angel, helping the people live maybe a year or two longer. For on Trance Night, a Witch could be anything.

Transmission & Vectors

Entrancement (Witch's Trance) is a condition passed down through Witches genetic information. This is a byproduct of the overflowing magic in every Witch, and Entrancement is, in most basic terms, an outlet for that overflow of excess magic. It is not contagious or infectious in any way, but there are a few witches (mostly duo-witches) that need an extra day or two to rid themselves of magic. In some way, all Witches were able to align this extra outflow on one day, which they dubbed Trance Night.


The cause of Entrancement is a certain genetic found in Witches that is triggered by an overload of magic.


As Entrancement draws closer, Witches are affected by excessive movement/tics, excitability, and slight nausea. Sleep deprivation causes these symptoms to worsen, and also lengthens the time of the Trance, since their magic grows stronger. The correlation between these two events is under investigation and study. During the Trance, no one can see you. A Witch has accessibility to any type of magic, and can use it at their own discretion. Once the sun rises, Witches are "forced" back to their starting points, and do not remember a thing, unless in the trance for longer. As per the rules of magic, any trance longer than 3 years is remembered.


There is no "treatment" for this condition. The only way for a Witch to rid themselves of excess magic is to enter Entrancement.


A Witch enters the Entrancement as dusk falls, as long as they are in a comfortable, safe space. There are certain ritualistic assists that sync the Witch's Trance with the rest of the witches, but those don't necessarily have to be used. Unless severely sleep deprived, a Witch will stay in the Trance for one night. If sleep deprived, the length of the Trance is unpredictable, and the longest a Witch has ever been in a single Trance was five years, and the only source of information about what happens during Trances.


During and After Entrancement, Witches are entirely unaffected, unless the subject of another Witch's wrath. The aftereffects of any magic used during Trance Night is strong on the population. Two examples of this include Twilight Ascelin and Lidvin Sandoval. Twilight Ascelin was transformed into a Mythos for two years as a way to save her life. Lidvin Sandoval was born Mythos as a result of excess magic, and his excess magic was pulled out during a Trance Night, allowing him to take his originally intended human form.

Affected Groups

Only Witches are affected by this condition, and it is just as normal as puberty.


Many religious sects believe that Dan-Ere's magic overflowed into the witches, or was stolen by the witches, and therefore, they need a day to give the magic back to the Earth. This theory is widely accepted, and has turned into somewhat of a legend around many parts. The Witches have yet to officially confirm or deny this theory.

Cultural Reception

The Humans think the Witches are weird, but are overall unbothered by the magic effects, since magic is all around them, and the Mythos are slightly miffed, since the Witches keep making "un-pure" Mythos, and the Witches have accepted it as a normal part of their culture.
Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species

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