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The tales of uprisings are many, and though malms apart, these suppressed souls find kinship. In their heavy chains they keep their heads low, content to just endure and await the spark of hope that sets them free. These sparks are those who soldier on, ever forging ahead - the revolutionaries.  
  • Skill Proficiencies: Special. Persuasion, and choose one from the Tales from the Storm table below
  • Language: A common language spoken in your homeland
  • Tool Proficiencies: A set of artisans' tools and disguise kit
  • Equipment: Special. A set of travelers' clothes, a simple melee weapon, a hooded cloak, a set of tools you're proficient with, a belt pouch containing 1,000 gil, and choose one from the Sentimental Item table below

Sentimental Item

Choose from the table, or roll a d6 to determine a significant possession of yours, representing what you're fighting for.
d6 I carry with me...
1 old and tattered flag.
2 ...a tattoo or scar on my body.
3 ...a keepsake of my homeland.
4 ...a portrait of family.
5 ...a personal letter, addressed to me.
6 item that belonged to a fallen comrade.

Tales from the Storm

Choose from the table, or roll a d4 to determine your Tale. One that represents a cause you are involved in, or feel strongly inspired by.  
d4 A Tale of... Skill Proficiency
1 Resistance. The loyal Blades of Bozja who stand and fight for their home, despite insurmountable odds and brutal conditions. They fight for those who remain, and for those they can yet save. Survival
2 Revolution. The wayward brothers of Ala Mhigo, born to a once powerful, but now conquered nation. They remain a rugged folk whose strength of body is surpassed only by the strength of their hearts. Athletics
3 Renegades. The branded heretics of Ishgard who, in defiance of their faith, were ostracized for seeking an end to an overlong war. They continue to shake the firmament and fight for truth, even for those who still cast them as enemies. History
4 Rebellion. The commonfolk of Othard who fight a silent war, all whilst under the heel of their oppressors. Even when bereft of hope, they will emerge from the shadows and stand by their neighbors. Stealth

Feature: The Measure of Your Reach

When recalling your Tale, you know how to stir the hearts of those who would hear your plight. From bare facts to utter exaggerations, you can make good use of rhetoric to work your audience and reshape their perceptions.   Your DM may determine that some listeners become sympathetic to your cause. These sympathizers may offer you aid in the form of provisions, shelter, information, or currency. They will not risk their lives to help you, however.  

Suggested Characteristics

There aren't many as passionate as those who, at risk to themselves, stand and fight for what they believe in. Revolutionaries are typically Chaotic, but ultimately Good or Neutral-aligned. Even if their reasons are self-serving, their causes are generally noble and for the greater good.  
d8 Personality Trait
1 I've developed a nervous tick over time.
2 I am slow to trust others. After all, they might snitch.
3 Do you know the secret handshake?
4 I get a little bit loud in the throes of adrenaline.
5 I try and be a leader when I can.
6 I don't stoop to the enemy's lows. Be better than them.
7 I hide my real identity at all times.
8 I am always looking over my shoulder. You never know.
d6 Ideal
1 Tenacity. If you can stand, you can fight. (Any)
2 Honor. Have restraint. Passion is intoxicating. (Lawful)
3 Discord. Don't ever let the enemy rest! (Chaotic)
4 War. My actions are fair and necessary. (Neutral)
5 Mercy. We're all just people. I spare who I can. (Good)
6 6 Home. Lands you fight for are by rights, home. (Any)
d6 Bonds
1 I lost a dear friend and comrade. It won't be in vain.
2 I fight because if not me, then who? Someone has to.
3 My homeland needs me, I answer the call.
4 My family -my entire livelihood- is threatened.
5 I never amounted to much, I can at least do this.
6 'Tis the right thing to do. 'Gotta stand for something.
d6 Flaws
1 I don't care if they're just conscripts. No mercy!
2 Every victory has a price, and I'll gladly pay my way.
3 There isn't a night where I don't suffer a nightmare.
4 I'm expendable, just like everyone else.
5 I need to keep moving or else they'll soon find me!
6 The screams and the bloodshed...I'll never smile again.

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