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Prerequisite: Lawful alignment only   Artisans of the Far East - the Onishishu - pledge themselves to no nation, and in many respects, more closely resembles a monastic order than a crafting guild. Just as monks devote themselves to Rhalgr, the Onishi employ their skills in service to the people. In return, they ask but meager payment - a crate of foodstuffs; a token offering of coins etc.  
  • Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Insight
  • Language: Eastern
  • Tool Proficiencies: Two types of artisans' tools
  • Equipment: A set of eastern work clothes, two types of artisans' tools that you're proficient with, an Onishishu inro, an Onishishu garb, and a pouch containing 500 gil


Choose from the table, or roll a d4 to determine your inro design. An inro is the symbol of the Onishishu; a traditional, ornate case used for holding small objects, worn around the waist.  
d4 Inro Design
1 Simple. I value humility and modesty above all else, and it shows in my choice of inro.
2 Homogeneous. In respect to my mentor, my inro is made to closely resemble theirs.
3 Artistic. My inro is a testament to my artisanal skill and eloquence, and on display for all to see.
4 Personal. An inro of my own design; unconventional and often scrutinized, but unique and personifying.

Feature: Measured Secrecy

You belong to a respected, but secretive collective of artisans from the Far East. Those who recognize your inro will know you as Onishi and treat you as an honored guest. However, you are bound by vow and virtue to remain discreet and accept only those gifts or payments which afford you a modest lifestyle.  
d8 Personality Trait
1 I'd sooner bite off my tongue than entertain a despot.
2 I simply go wherever the kami of the winds guide me.
3 At least once a day, I seek to meditate and reflect.
4 Wisdom is striving to learn about others, I enjoy it.
5 I much prefer to listen than to speak.
6 I do not like conflict, but I will fight if I must.
7 I much prefer foodstuffs over monetary payment.
8 I like to believe kami will choose to inhabit my crafts.
d6 Ideal
1 Integrity. Every word I speak is a promise. (Lawful)
2 Insight. There are two sides to every request. (Neutral)
3 Words. I made a vow, I will uphold it. (Lawful)
4 Charity. I always strive to help others in need. (Good)
5 Precedence. I am enlightened and above others. (Evil)
6 Craftsmanship. I give my all into my works. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 The Onishishu teachings have given my life meaning.
2 I was chosen to safeguard dangerous arcane secrets.
3 I serve the people, and the people will serve me.
4 My mentor taught me everything they knew.
5 My word is law, all we truly have are our words.
6 I wouldn't have survived if not for a kind stranger.
d6 Flaw
1 I am my own worst enemy.
2 I accept nothing less than perfection in my craft.
3 Despite my vows, I am often tempted by greed.
4 I view most people as unworthy of my respect.
5 I am always prepared to die for my ideals.
6 I am very easily offended.

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