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Gaeltic (Gale-tic)

The Gaeltic people are separated across two locations in the northwest of Auld, though their cultures are mostly similar. There are the Gaeltic of the Duivern peninsula on the western coast of Arvertaine and the Gaeltic of the Waelcym Islands off the western coast. Though the two groups share a common heritage, the history of human civilization has created a divergence in their cultures and appearances in a small manner. The Gaeltic people are renowned for their musical inclinations and festive nature. They are known as a people who love a bit of the craic.   Average amongst humans in height and weight, the Gaeltic people have fair skin across both groups. The island based people are known to have lighter features, eyes ranging from hazel to sky blue and hair from the lightest of brown to bright red to golden blonde. Meanwhile, the peninsular ones have eyes of deep blues, greens, and light browns, and hairs ranging from dusky blonde to auburn and deeper chestnut hues.    For names, all Celtic languages (Irish, Scottish, Breton).


Major language groups and dialects

The language of the Gaeltic is Waelsh.

Common Dress code

Due to the rainy and colder climates, most Gaeltic garb is made of heavy woolen matter. They are also known for decorating their bodies curvilinear paints and tattoos.

Art & Architecture

Their buildings are often constructed of fieldstone or wattle and daub with simple gable roof construction. These methods are used to deal with the heavy rains that their native areas are accustomed to.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

A joyous people, the Gaeltic treat births, marriages, and funerals all much the same. The family/clan/village partakes in the religious rites, which have heavy druidic influences, afterward they have a festival with music, song, dance, and drink until the early morning hours sometimes. They are a people who always seemed to find a reason to celebrate and games to abound.

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