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Enuf was a planet once dominated by a hyper advanced alien race called the Enu. The planet was thriving until a human ship was forced approach the planet due to a lack of fuel. The Enu shot down to ship and the humans operating the ship were taken captive. Horrific experiments ensued including cloning, genetic modification, and finally an attempt to create a forced hive-mind. Meanwhile the Enu race was being ravaged by a disease brought by the humans, ultimately leading to their extinction.   500,000 years later, the 5,000 humans that were still cryogenically frozen were emergency thawed due to the ships fusion reactor finally running out of power. This quick thaw process resulted in a failure to restore memories, leaving the humans with no context for their situation. They began to form caste systems and create a new civilization in the seemingly barren world.   1 million years later and the humans look much different than they had previously. Some retreated to radioactive forests and became the elves, others found themselves residing in a long abandoned alien city underground as dwarves, and others flee oppression and go north to find a new life for their orcish brethren. Many conflicts between these factions shape the world and lead to deep grudges between the races. The only thing that can be agreed upon by all is that no one is to enter the neutral forest.

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