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Lamila Dorin

Lamila Dorin is one of the q'tari, a flox specifically--the flox are a race of sapient mice with a symbiotic relationship to flowers that grow on and root in them. The benefits of the plant depend on the species. Most, however, provide photosynthesis and can transfer dew and rain from their systems to the mice, making it much easier for flox to survive in a wide variety of climates. To many other humanoids, they just look adorable, as their external appearance tends to be that of wide-eyed mice with flowers growing around their ears or on their backs.

Lamila is particularly cute, and to other q'tari...and sometimes others...she is also particularly attractive. She has decided to spend ten years dating as many people as she can since she seems to have no trouble finding lovers. Q'tari culture has no sexual prohibitions or taboos beyond requiring that sex acts are performed by consenting adults, so most of her friends and family are supportive of her endeavor, particularly as she wants to record all of it.

Lamila became a local celebrity with the publication of Year One: A Decade of Sex, a narrative in the style of journal entries with explicit, lurid details of her sex life. Each story has a very life-like drawing with it which she says are all drawn by an artist she slept with before going on the road. The artist loved the idea of the project and now engages in professional voyeurism as each sex scene is drawn as it happens. Lamila laughed about it in an interview at one point, saying that she had to get used to hearing the artists say things like, "Wait, wait, freeze, just for a moment!" while she was in the throes of ecstasy with someone.

The coffee table books have now reached Year Three, and Lamila is something of a celebrity well beyond The Sticks. She has run into a few problems with unwanted would-be suitors feeling entitled to her, particularly beyond the comfortable familiarity of her home country. But the books have made her rich, and she has a small contingent that travels with her now, including two personal bodyguards.

By all accounts, Lamila is sweet and authentic, only adding to her allure. She is not naive, however. She is sure of herself and enjoying her life and making a good piece of coin at the same time.

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