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Ithlia, She Who Watches

"She oversees all, She has given us the gift of Magic, Life, and Death. She is the focus of our journey."
- Shevara, The First Son
    Ithlia, The Moon, is the focal point of worship within Enon. Stuck in a fixed point in the sky alongside her children, the stars, she has no other phases except full and regardless of the time of day, she does not move. Her children fill the night sky and specific constellations have been given names.      


Worship is focused on Ithlia, she's also regarded as The Mother, The Seer, The Divine, and The Fallen in some circles. Worship of her children, the constellations and other stars, is rare and not generally accepted as they're viewed as more providers and chieftains over aspects of life as opposed to objects of worship. Worship is performed on a community level, the larger the community the larger the place of worship. Each Bethel choosing 1-3 constellations to showcase as their aspects of life within their community, giving teachings and reading the stars for guidance and messages from Ithlia.      

Ithlia's Children


Sheov, the Walker

The Constellation of Death.    

Demara, the Hunter

The Constellation of the Hunt.    

Balaq, the Demon

The Constellation of Wrath and War.    

Demion, the Caretaker

The Constellation of Life and Love.    

Hishra, the Pious

The Constellation of Faith and Honor.    

Aria, the Sage

The Constellation of Knowledge and History.      


Due to the fixed point Ithlia has in the sky, eclipses are a regular occurrence. There's one total eclipse every month and partial eclipses just about at midday twice a week. People use these eclipses to signify their times of worship to Ithlia.      

The Journey

It is believed that throughout a person's life, that person undergoes a specific journey. One created specially for them by two sisters called The Fates, omnipotent beings whose sole duty is to create the fate of every living being in Enon. This journey could be for several different reasons, but the most common is to teach a specific lesson about life and existence. Once a person's journey is complete, which could take multiple lifetimes, they are ready to ascend and become one of the countless of Ithlia's children. If a person meets an untimely end or does not discover the reason for their journey, they will reincarnate forgetting their past life.    

Minor Gods

Some of Ithlia's children are so powerful that they have been dubbed Minor Gods. These Deities are seldom worshiped by many, but to a few small sects of the Church of Ithlia, they're worshiped.    

Bahamut, Father of Dragons

Bahamut, The Dragon God, is the father of Metallic dragons. His magical capabilities are things of legend, being able to create from nothing and destroy with a single breath. Legends tell that he commonly walks amongst the people of the world.    

Tiamat, Mother of Dragons

The 5 headed mother of Chromatic dragons, said to be evil incarnate. Her will is subjugation, her strength is fear, her power is unparalleled by few. Legends say that she was locked in the heavens, to forever be a constellation by Ithlia who was angered by the destruction caused by one of her children.    


Also called The Dark Star, the King of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus is commonly referred to as an Archdevil, which isn't exactly incorrect. Stories say, that he was created to maintain balance in the planes but quickly became power hungry and craved more and more violence and bloodshed. His influence became so widespread throughout the planes, especially in the Material Plane, that the Church of Ithlia banned together and created a lock, one that would keep the influence of the Nine Hells from ever coming to the Material Plane again.    

Heshra, The Winter Snow

Heshra represents the season of winter and death, she's commonly referred to, by mostly farmers, The Deadly Virgin.    

Eldath, The Peace

Eldath is the Minor God of Peace, commonly worshiped and called upon by those who desire peace during wartime, or those who currently live in peacetime.    

Mask, The Thief

The Constellation of Thieves, he's commonly called. Mask is the Minor God of thievery and the patron saint of those who live beyond the tethers of the law.    

Tymora, The Good Fortune

Tymora is the Minor Goddess of Good Fortune, the Patron Saint of Merchants and Adventurers seeking their glory in treasure.
Religious, Organised Religion

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