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Welcome to Emeriss - a world of magic and adventure like so many that dot this Material Plane but so very dissimilar in dignity. While grand empires and their greatest heroes wage endless wars, there exists a people of whose prosperity even such mighty nations can only imagine.   Veiled by the mists and snow of the Ludo Mountains is the land of Ruelle. Here, the reign of a benevolent, and immortal, god-king has allowed culture and technology to progress unimpeded for more than seven hundred years. Under the protective wing of Darrius XIV, the people of this comparatively small nation have developed the constitutional democracy, the internal combustion engine, and a truly dizzying array of dating applications for their krystaals.   Aided by these staggering technological advances, countless citizens of Ruelle have set out over the centuries in search of riches and adventure beyond the Albatross Bridge and returned with wagon trains of gold and treasures pilfered from the ruins of fallen nations. It is on the back of just such fortunes that the most prestigious academic institution in all of Emeriss was built: Fairchild University.   But across the jagged, impenetrable protections of the mountains, Arcane dynasties wage a centuries-long war for the fate of the world - the magi of the Vennican Dominion, the endless, undead hordes of The Siegenthal and, of course, the heroes of the Arcane Empire of Duras have been shedding one another’s blood for hundreds of years with no hope for peace anywhere in sight.