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605, Second Age

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In past ages, Elthir was a perfect universe of growth and prosperity, a land beautiful and unblemished by the corrupted desires of mortal man. The Sea people, not yet exiled to the Underworld, moved and breathed upon the face of the earth, tending the gardens and caring for all things beautiful and good. The wild creatures and the Centaurs roamed freely together in perfect harmony. In those days the stars still spoke and the wizards and sages walked among them, learning great and wondrous things. But then, the Mortals came. From whence they came, there are no records...the stars no longer share what they have seen and the White Dragons, the oldest creatures alive, are hidden away in the bowels of the earth. Perhaps it will never be known. It was as if the Mortals just suddenly appeared, great talking, laughing creatures that walked on two legs and grew strange bushes from their heads. And with them they brought evil. Darkness and hate and anger and fear...many of the creatures disappeared, crawled into the sea or slunk off into the shadows until their race died out. The Mortals chased out all the Centaurs, killing them and burning their sacred forests. The Seven Great Wizards were thrown out and to where they went, none know. The stars fell silent and the trees no longer moved as they did. The Mortals changed the beautiful land...and many things that were good, were lost. These days, the land is quiet. There have been no wars since the Blood Reign of Farin the Great. The Western and Eastern shores are silent. The Northern Lands are peaceful. Business moves as it should, the wheels of the world turn in orderly fashion. But things are not all rest and happiness. Balnavia, the center of the southern world, is dark. Rebellion simmers beneath the surface and the people of Balnavia are restless.

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