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Elan was annexed about 350-400 years ago, making it the current inhabited world that has been in contact with Elsewhere the longest. The local magic is called “Synth” and allows some limited forms of bioengineering which had significant influence in this world’s development mostly noticeable through the existence of augmented humans. It has 6-8 continents, but most of the plot developed stuff focus on Lor-ersi and Gi-ersi continents and the tensions between the groups known as Daliath (partially augmented followers of a religion), Govad (completely augmented former nobility) and the Govite (the unaugmented commoners).


Depending on how one counts' Elan has six or eight continents. It's mostly covered by water. All continents are populated and both poles are covered by water.  


  1. Lor-ersi
  2. Gi-ersi

Natural Resources

Elan has relative standard resources for a post-industrial world. Notably, food is less scarce much more diverse due to magical influence.
Included Locations

Population: 5 billion.

Year (Orbital period): 374 days.

  • Single moon
  • Second planet from its sun.

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