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Eloria is a union of 9 different kingdoms plus 12 independent cities that abide to the same code of laws and are subject to a Great-King who rule in the capital-city of Alis and is himself subjected to a council of representatives of each one of the kingdoms of Eloria. The union came to be as a result of a great war that ramped the region and brought great destruction, being now over 300 years old. The era of prosperity that followed was unprecedent and transformed Eloria in one of the richest countries in the whole world. The era is better described as somewhat neoclassical and religion is an important aspect of life, the Poemy being an important organ that help to maintain the kingdoms together, based on the faith of the Two Gods of Life and Death.


To the East there is the shoreline, followed by plains and hills in the north, where most of the territpry is composed of grasslands and temperated forests. On the South there's a great chain of mountains, that spread to the Southeast shores, forming a place of rock walls, gorges and caves. The capital-city of Alis is located a little east to the central mountains, this chain is concentrated near the center of the territory and divides Eloria in two parts, these mountains are much lower in hight when compared to the south mountains and further west the plateus that form past these mountains are arid, composed mainly of grasslands. Pine forests are seen to the north of these plateus and mark the divisions to the Kingdoms of The North and further west the grasslands continue to the limits of Eloria. Past these limits most of the peoples are nomad in nature. Due geographic rasons the east is usually richer than the cities in the west.

Fauna & Flora

The east part of Eloria is comprised of temperated forests and the west part is maily grasslands. To the far North are pine forests and in the mountains there's the typical forest of the mountain climate. The fauna is varied, but there are some species of cat-like creatures that are created as pets and big wolf-like creatures that can be tamed to be used to mount, competitions of these creatures are common in the east. The transport is mostly realized by reptile creatures we could compare to little dragons. These warm-blood reptiles would be the equivalent of horses to these people. There are in the mountains also big carnivorous creatures that are feline in nature and small rodents and reptiles. Birds are the most abundant species in the region, the gigant-eagle with wingspan of 5 meters is one of the most veracious species of animal to ever live. There are some blue plants, that are like green plants but developed in this different colors. Usualy these species are concentrated in pockets in the grasslands, forming blue-forests, but are also found near the shore and mixed with the pine-trees of the mountains.

Natural Resources

Woods and grains are common, in the east there is mineration and stone/crystal-crafting as main activities. In general, there are several ambients and the commerce is well developed with other nations, not imposing big diffuculties when considering Eloria as a whole. In past times, when each kingdom had its specialty and resources, the wars for control of these resources were constant, but now this problem is less apparent. Yet, the rich cities control most of the resouces and receive lots of concessions for that same reason.
Alternative Name(s)
The 9 Kingdoms of Eloria

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