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Capital-City of Alis

Alis is the capital-city of Eloria. Located next to the central chain of mountais that divide Eloria in half but still on the hills, the city is surrounded by a white wall 5 metters tall. Outer-Eloria comprise the settlements outside of the walls, but the city itself lies within. It is the third city in size in all of Eloria, past the port city of Citrus and the city of Ouros (Major city located on the grasslands). The architecture is confused in a mix of various timelines supperposed together. Nowadays the gates are always opened and the city is full of life and colors. The arts and tecnology are in a time of yet unseen developement and great minds are in full work in the schools, where philosophy and science starts to boom also. The Outer-city also expands each day, satrting to merge with some small villages and forming new districts, further away from the center.


The closest to the center of the city one goes, the richer and older the city becomes. Humans and Prims compose most of the high-classes, the later beings refering to creatures close in resemblance to humans, but with pointy ears, lower hight and higher flexibility. People here are mostly white-ish, with some colorations of skin a little darker. Black skin is rare and mostly found in foreigners, but there are indeed some of these immigrants that achieved the status of nobles within Eloria. The tipical hair is white, silver or purpple, the eyes being blue, black or dark-gray. The pesants are a little bit more non-homogeneous, with tipical black, brown and green haircolors.


The city is governed directly by the King and the aristocracy, under a set of rules that form a code of laws.


Commerce is the principal activity, but outside of the walls there are farms and mills.
Alternative Name(s)
Alis, Eloria Capitol
Inhabitant Demonym

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