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Notudification (No-two-dification)

Transmission & Vectors

Am incredibly rare species of viper live deep in the jungles of Casaver. It is known as the Notud, or invisible death. This comes from the fact that these vipers have skin as clear as glass and will strike long before you ever know they were near.

If you are unlucky enough to be bit by one of these vipers a strange process begins. First the posion will begin to fill your veins causing extreme pain and disorentaion. Usually this allows the Notud to finish off its prey or gives the creature time to escape a predator. As soon as the posion hits the blood stream the process of Notudifiacation begins.

The only known transmissions of this condition is through the bite of the Notud or purposful ingestion of it's poison. Those infected are no danger to anyone around them and have never been recorded to become contagious.


The exact cause of the condition is unkown. The people who inhabit the jungles of Casaver, belive that the conditon is bestowed upon future heroes as a gift. It is seen as almost a rebirth of the person as they trade one sking for another.

In the limited research done by the missionaries and academics who have braved the jungle long enough to study those affected they have come to little conclusions. Much of this is due to the limited number of infected as well as the sensitivity they have to being touched.


The first symptoms are pain and disorentation. These set in quickly and last for nearly six hours, almost always causing the infected to lose conciousness. While this happens the process of transformation begins in the body.

Those who have endured the transofrmation often speak of having a vision of light. They claim to hear voices guiding them through a "rebirth" of a kind. A person observing from the outside will begin to see large sections of the infecteds skin begin to peel away and fall off piece by piece. Veins and organs become exposed under a new glass like layer of skin. A skin that matches that of the Notud perfectly.

After the infected has shed all of their skin they will begin to regain their senses. A noticeable change in personality is often seen as well with many showing more confidence and appearing more at ease.


There is no known treatment for Notudification after the patients skin has peeled away. There has been attempts at blood letting to remove the poison from those infected, but all attempts have ended in the death of the patient.

Hosts & Carriers

The only known carrier of the posion is the Notud, and they are unaffected by the poison itself. There is speculation that certain prey that has escaped the Notud may be infected and are potential carriers of the disease, but no known examples of this exist.

Cultural Reception

In the forests of Casaver a person who has gone through Notudification are seen as heroes. They are held in high honor by all people who live in the region and are often the center of Folk stories. This is due to the extreme rarity of a person being bit by a Notud and the effects of the poision.

Those infected are seen to be reborn with gifts of the gods to help protect and defened the people of Casaver.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare

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