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Elementos §

22nd of Jykitcha 16 EP

Created by

Elementos is divided by 4 kingdoms, a queendom and an Empire. The Kingdom of Water, The Kingdom of Earth, The Kingdom of Fire, The Kingdom of Air, The Queendom of Life, And the Empire of The Empire.   The Kingdom of Water is the Country with the most islands. Politics in Water work rather different then the current politics on earth. (not the kingdom, the planet)   The Kingdom of Earth is the Country with the most mountains. Earth is divided into certain, what we would call provinces or states, parts, every part with their own rules, but all are under the Goverment’s supervision, and the Government make dicisions wich work all around the country.   The Kingdom of Fire is the Country with the most vulcanoes. The king of Fire has absolute power, but he has 6 advisors, who are chosen by soldiers who’se vote counts once, and every two ranks up get one additional vote. The Marshal, the oldest and the richest Fire-born man or woman are always on the advisors-counsil, filling up 3 of the 6 spaces. The rest can be anyone, from a random grandpa to a nerdy child.   The Kingdom of Air is the most windy Country. Air is the toughest kingdom of all, but not the most warmongery.   The Queendom of Life is the Country with the most animals and plants. The people are kind and they just want Peace. They love animals and are the most creative people in the world.   The imperial empire of The Empire is the country with the most diversity in powers. The Empire is divided in 6 parts, one of wich is a very small one and that is the capital territory. For every element there is a Province.