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Elemental World

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This is a world where the people were made out of elements made and placed on the world by their Goddess Al Scherah. There are 6 clans, each made out of those 6 elements chosen. Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, Poison, and Lightning. You might be saying: Hey! Poison isn't an element. To that I would say, You are Right! No poison is not an element but if you think about it, it is found constantly in nature through animals, plants, gasses, you name it. So I decided to include it. Al Scherah believes in balance above all things. Because of this, she created her people out of 3 elements that help life and 3 that destroy it however it can not be so if chosen to use those elements righteously. Fire, Lightning, and Poison found it more rewarding for them to resort to violence. It is in their best interest to expand their empire. The Great War happened in the 200th year and ever since, the Great Divide( an empty strip of land) marks the border between the Northern Evil Clans and the Southern Good Clans. THIS IS NOT AVATAR!!!!!