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Cinder Wastes

Beyond the Sea of Fire lays the bulk of the plane known as the Cinder Wastes. This vast plain of baked and arid dust is dangerous to traverse, with titanic cracks in the earth appearing with a moment’s notice to spew lava from the plane’s depths onto the surface. This effect is known as a lava geyser, as the result is often spectacular and dangerous for anyone nearby.   A fine black sand coves the length of the Cinder Wastes, scouring the blackened crust as great heat waves billow across the region. The sand piles up regularly, creating treacherous dunes of unknown depth, but they also are known to hide and reveal secrets in a moment’s notice. Ancient efreeti citadels, lost azer strongholds, fire elemental birthing basins, and more lay hidden beneath the Cinder Wastes.   The efreet of the City of Brass have established a route through the Cinder Wastes known as the Inferno Road. It links to the Fountains of Creation where the Plane of Fire meets the Plane of Earth along with countless smaller settlements. Constructed of nearly indestructible black basalt, the Inferno Road is the lifeblood of the efreeti’s expanding reach across the Plane of Fire.

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