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Calypso, the Cloud City

This sprawling city sits on a series of massive cloudstone islands in a magically supported cloud that obscures it from casual view in the Labyrinth Winds. Ramshackle buildings, opulent towers, grand villas and terraces, and dozens of shops and stores lay haphazardly scattered about the uneven cloudstone streets of Calypso, and all manner of creatures live, eat, and die in the City of Clouds, which has become a lawless haven for thieves, pirates, and unscrupulous merchants. The city is nominally governed by the Confederation of Calypso, a group of the most influential sky ship captains that call the city home, but they have passed only one law, known as the First Law, the makes Calypso neutral territory for the purposes of pirate rivalries. The law is maintained by no regular militia, and fights regularly break out, but they are between individuals with problems with one another, not ship crews fighting ship crews. Several influential guilds and organizations in Calypso keep things running as smoothly as possible. The Guild of Mages are the first line of magical defense for the city, and they maintain the portals that lead into and out of Calypso with a tight rein. The city’s Guild of Thieves runs gambling institutions, protection rackets, and other activities considered unsavory in more respected places. The most powerful guild on Calypso, however, is the Guild of Shipwrights. These are the craftsman that make and repair the sky ships that support the activities of the Confederation, and this guild wields its power with tyrannical authority. Most residents understand that though the Confederation of Calypso supposedly runs things, it’s the Guild of Shipwrights that operates the ins and outs of the city on a regular basis.

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