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Elath Regaron

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Elath was never an easy place to live. Almost everything, and everyone, there was out to kill you. Then came The Dark King from a place he called earth. He brought with him many new ideas and Magics.   So many things changed with the Dark King. Where there had been endless wars. He brought peace through slaughter. When before chaos had reined supreme, he majesty brought law and order under threat of horrors never scene on Elath. The frontiers of civilization became empty of common folk and the wilds became increasingly dangerous.   You have been abducted from earth and brought to this planet that has changed you metaphysically. As new powers awaken with in you, The Dark King and his minions hunt you and your companions for reasons unknown. Can you discover the reasons you were brought here? Will you try to find a way home? Or will you overthrow the tyrant only to install yourself as ruler of world?

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