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Silana Celancel

Dame Silana Celancel

Silana Celancel (si·lá·na • se·lán·sel) is a striped Strider and one of the Dames of the White Rose, an elite ladies-only contingent of the Freesian royal army better known to the Freesian public as the Valkyries.   Her newness among the Dames, along with her not being female per se, make her shy and anxious. Despite her nerves, she is fiercely determined to protect the people of Freesia and strongly devoted to the right thing.   While fresh by Valkyrie standards, Silana remains a member of a highly-qualified class. Her agility even when fully armored and her adaptable skill with the spear, shield, sword, and Ilian light magic should not be underestimated.  



Silana is an effeminate hermaphrodite Strider at about 5'6" (~165cm). She has fluffy cotton candy pink hair and a very long tail, both elegantly curly. She also has very large pegasus wings sprouting from her back, which complements her appearance as a Dame.   Silana's coat is a warm white with pink accents. Her arms are solid pink from fingers to elbow, and striped up to the shoulder, while her legs are solid pink up to the knee and striped along the thighs. She also has striped markings along her face and paler, peach eyelids.  




Silana is a bit bashful and anxious, but highly dutiful and very supportive of friends and loved ones.   When on duty as a Dame, Silana focuses and takes her tasks very seriously - as the new girl, she knows Captain Odessa is keeping a particular eye on her, and Silana won't abide any embarrassments or missteps. (These happen all the time anyway.)   Despite her sweetness, Silana has a bit of a temper, especially when her dignity as a Valkyrie is compromised or questioned.
Silana 2017-07-17
Biological Sex
Long, wavy, bubblegum

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