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Ancient Circaic Warper

These strange objects have have been a mystery for centuries, as they are scattered all across Eizendark. Recent studies by the fey ambassador, Suroku and his colleagues, have made these curious structures less of a mystery. They believe that they may be a form of fast travel between long distances. These machine are made of sturdy alloys that resist corroding, however, they sit dormant due to lack of compatible energy sources that are strong enough to activate it. Suroku discovered that certain ancient constructs poses a crystal within them made of metallic hydrogen that functions as a battery.

Social Impact

These portals are often located in civilian arias. The pressure difference between the two points the portal can create tremendous force. In other words, be careful where you teleport. Additionally , they have a powerful effect on the environment. It's said that plants go dead around it when in runs, and magic users become sickened and fatigued.
Access & Availability
The warper proves to be a fast, reliable way to travel for those with the warrant to use them.
Vexton Webler devised a theory that this machine, given the amount of energy it needs to run, may have been capable of creating a wyrm hole between two of the portals. His theory was not respected until the well known Suroku proved its function to be exactly what Vexton had predicted.

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