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6E: Age of Heroes

Era beginning/end


When looking at history, I find myself most beloved of this Era. What a time it would have been to have witnesses.   -Jess Merrock, Historian

In the years following the Time of Magic, a new threat arose on Aeroloth. A powerful Lich named Althuzaad the Undying arose in the depths of the Stormlands; which at that time was a vibrant tropical land know known as the deserts of the Dead Wastes. The Lich Althuzaad gained immeasurable power there by consuming the life of the plants and animals of the forest, and raising the dead from the towns he destroyed, making himself a small army.   This threat was taken on by the Imperium, but after every time they killed the Lich, he returned to life again in the following weeks, returning to collecting power from the forest, which at this point was so devoid of life it became the desert it is today. This lasted for 23 years, until a group of 5 highly trained warriors, and masterminds thwarted the Lich's plans by discovering his way of returning to life and stopping it.   The Imperium paid them for their service by constructing them a Castle on the Southeastern Isle known as Dragontooth Isle. The heroes named their Castle, Dragonspire Citadel. In the years that followed many migrated to Dragontooth Isle to learn from the heroes and created a bustling town at the foot of the mountain Dragonspire sat upon. Here the heroes taught others of their methods, and trained slaves to become saviors, and peasants to knights. The Imperium, and the Republic both called upon them in times of need when a monster was running a muck in their respective lands. Thus this was the Age of Heroes. After generations of new heroes taking the original five heroes places, troubles seemed to have subsided in the land and Dragonspire and the surrounding village faded into history as they fell into disrepair. This lead to the next Era.

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