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Exodite Polis trade in the courrency adopted from the @Mazdekite Drachmo, which they have long abandoned since then. The staple of international trade, Drachmae are the most widespread types of coins in the known world.

Manufacturing process

Drachmae are hand-minted using an especially strong type of bronze (the recipe of which is unique to each family-run mint and is kept a closely guarded secret.) which is then carved into a mold the dimensions of the coin, and has the negatives of the the art decorating the two opposing faces. These molds are placed around the chunk of alloy, which is multiple degrees softer, and with a mallet struck press the neccesary motives into the coins.
Being hand minted, they vary in sizes to a minor extent, and are oblong, rather than circular.


Drachmae became the staple of international trade, followed in second place by an ever tighter margin, by Mazdekite Dinars
"What makes Baselioi, my son?
When I'm gone, you shall have to answer this question, every time you rise with the sun, and  a thousand times more, giving to each,
who, inquire, the answer, and in it, the wisdom they seek.
a Basileos must be balance, the order that keeps the grain safe in our Amphoras, the the richness of coins, minted of the noblest of metals, the strength, to safeguard the wayfarer, the strictness, in dealing justice to the wicked, and the Éleos  that nourises the steadfast." Ephialtes the Unready
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Subtype / Model
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Every major city state mints their own coins, that are widely accepted through Exoditai cities with little regard to it's origins. This can only work with the mints maintaining the same percentage of precious metals in thealloy the coins are made of, and since there is little to no scrutiny in regards to coinage, Oikos Escute, and the smaller poleis in her vicinity have secretly began debasing their Drachmae with nickel, in order to funnel surrounding raiders with bribes towards the rising star of their neighbour and rival the Populae city of Alba Longa
5 grams
roughly a radius of 75mm
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
coins are supossedly maintained to contain 70% gold, but the regulations around this expectation are sorely lacking.
Gold is mined, in different amounts, but in all exodite Poleis, though the greatest  outpot of the metal of kings is produced in either Tarrentum  or Massalia . and require little more then a forge to make the coin alloy, and the molds necessary to form it to satisfaction, and a heavy mallet used for striking the icons into the metal. Aside from these bare necessities, mints are also equipped with relatively sophisticated scales, and their staff is trained to be able to calculate percentages precisely, as well as the manner of dextrous movements necessary to handle the mint mallet, and some metallurgy.

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