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A dark cyberpunk world set on an enormous floating city that ascended into the sky to avoid a war between the neon gods. This city is named Eden, a haven for any and all types of people, both bad and good. Yet above the ever stained pink clouds lies a heavenly paradise where people can ascend to after death called Tengoku. Tengoku is what people strive for, and many would give their life to get there.   Yet in this world, death in Eden is not the end, it is merely the beginning. Upon death, a third of the population will be blessed by one of the neon gods instead of being reincarnated in Eden, gaining a superpower and given a task: hunt down an enemy of the god who blessed them in a set time limit.   If they can kill that person fast enough, they are granted access to Tengoku, a heavenly paradise where death no longer exists and the world lives in harmony. Tengoku is the ultimate goal for everyone in Eden, and many people's lives are spent preparing for their ascent.   However, failing to kill your target in the allotted time or dying a second time will send the resurrected straight to Jigoku, which is this worlds version of hell, as it lies far beneath Eden on the blasted earth of the broken world, where desperate gods battle for dominance in an eternal war to become the next person to wear the mantle of Neon White.

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