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Haggle Rock

Haggle Rock is a series of asteroids that orbit in a unified group within the tail end of The Mindfield . It is the first major territory in the asteroid field beyond the The Tears of Selune, marking the start of the wildlands and contested territories within the asteroid field.   The rocks are claimed by a coven of hags known as the Shattered Dreamers, which consists of three hags: Lamia, the Witch of the Spiny Dunes; Mormo, the Witch of the Silken Tundra; and Empusa, the Witch of the Sprouting Wastes.   Within Haggle Rock, each of the three claim an outer asteroid as their own, but the centre of the main rocky mass contains a castle where they perform rituals as a coven.   The rocks are so named for two reasons - the fact that it is home to a coven of hags, and because people often come here to barter (haggle) with the rocks to make their wishes come true.


Haggle Rock is made of four primary portions - the central rock plus three rocks that drift alongside it. The three outer rocks are each owned by one member of the Haggle Rock Coven, with the central rock containing their shared central keep. The central rock is also split into a northern and southern sections, divided by a mountain range between the two - it is this range that contains the coven's base of operations.

Localized Phenomena

It is not unusual for strange dust storms or wild magic winds to affect regions within Haggle Rocks. Some creatures, such as the Diremites of the northern swamps, are also known to make local hazards (in the case of these oversized mites, they tunnel and create pits filled with a sticky secretion that forms web-like traps).

Fauna & Flora

Within Haggle Rock, there are a number of different biomes, each with their own local ecosystems, but most locations within Haggle Rock is skewed towards fey creatures. Each biome, equally, has its own apex predator.  

The Northern Swamps

Endemic Species: Bullywugs, Ogres, Diremites. Apex Predator: The Froghemoth.  

Craggle Peaks

Endemic Species: Siltinels, Apex Predator: Jabberwock  

The Southern Forests - The Misdmaach Woods

Endemic Species: ??? Apex Predator:  

Empusa's Sprouting Wastes

Endemic Species: Goobayou, Mandragoora Apex Predator: The Grimalking (Empusa's pet)  

Mormo's Silken Tundra

Endemic Species: ??? Apex Predator: ???  

Lamia's Spiny Dunes

Endemic Species: ??? Apex Predator: ???


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