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001 - An Assemblage of Space Oddities

General Summary

Act 1, Chapter 1, Part 1


Thirty years have passed since a mysterious signal began transmitting from the crystal sphere at the centre of the system, ceasing almost as suddenly as it had begun. In that time, scholars have not been able to ascertain what the signal was, what it was for, or who sent it - worse yet, they have no idea who its intended recipient was. Whilst it was a subject of intrigue for those interested in the arcane nature of the cosmos, the majority of its residents barely even registered its existence and it was forgotten by them once the news cycle ticked over.   Time continued passing, as it always does, with little of interest happening - that is until a mysterious blue comet was spotted soaring through the system from its edge to a point unknown. The search for the comet turned up nothing, but reports suggest that some of those who spotted this unusual blue star flame were hit with a strange wanderlust, dramatically changing their outlook on life.

The White Room

In a room of purest white, a strange cephalopodic humanoid slumbers upright on a bench. As the come to consciousness, they explore the room - an unusual gallery filled with landscapes that they don't recognise: rocks floating in a bright starscape; a colourful coastal spot with bright coral tree formations and relaxing beachgoers; a grand circular room filled with a vast number of people, painted in muted tones; a citadel at the edge of a world with an immense beam of light shooting from the tip of a platform; a multi-headed creature being slain by a hero; a streaking blue comet.   At the end of the hall, they see the lead exhibit - a landscape of a grand tree that, from the perspective it is painted at, seems to tower over mountain ranges. In the foreground there is a country path with low walls that winds up towards it. As their eyes wander over the landscape, they are hit by a sudden migraine, and colours start to bleed from the painting as the once serene tree turns into a monstrous jellyfish that exits the painting, touches the humanoid, and they fall unconscious.

Meanwhile, on the Prima Diana

The Turtle Ship known as the Prima Diana is a few days into its journey towards the Astral Sea, on a heading that will pass through the Astral Veil within the Oneiros sector. The captain chastises Jet, one of the Synergists aboard the ship, for not wearing their uniform, but lets it slide. One of the ships Helmspeople, Pip, sits in a corner pondering what food is like.   The captain receives a message from command, and the ship is to change course - they are to head to the Mindfield in order to intercept a new blue flame comet that has appeared and is on a crash course.

The Grand Duchy of Kalabar

The Princess and her trusty guardian are planning an escape, but their plans are interrupted when a turtle-shaped ship lands in the square. Investigating, they learn that the ship will be putting on a show for the townsfolk that evening.   Later that night, they plan to sneak aboard the ship as stowaways, but stop when a meteorite soars overhead and they see two unusual folks leaving the ship and heading out of town. They pursue, and eventually come to the landing zone of the meteorite - a ring of blue fire burns the field, turning the grass into crystal. Further in, a cave had been blasted open. They follow the two inside only for all of them to be beset by shadow creatures summoned by a mysterious individual.   With half the group on death's door, they make a quick return to the ship.

Escape from Kalabar

Whilst the ship flies away from the asteroid, the group looks back and see a monstrous creature with multiple long necks appearing from the underside of the rock - like some kind of hydra, with each head being a grotesque, deformed, and humanoid. The creature lets out a haunting melody, causing some of the crew to forget it whilst others managed to maintain their memory.

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Report Date
26 Feb 2023
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