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Introduction to Eceon

Welcome to Eceon a world full of war and battles. The species that reside here are known for their violent nature but that’s not all. They are similar to us and there are many great people. The Cédai aren’t what their enemies think of them.  


They were first discovered on this planet since 5000 BD and thrived on the planet. They all had dark blueish-green skin and later developed human skin tones. They haven’t had any encounter with other alien species so it’s hard to determine where they gained human skin color. They got access to metal and started to use it to help grow civilization.   When the Industrial Age rolled around they started making spaceships and explored other worlds. That’s when they met The Devil, their bad omen. He was believed to be a god sent to punish them for their actions. He always defeated them and became a symbol of bad luck.   They needed resources that they couldn’t get by themselves so they set up little colonies on other planets to get what they needed.  


They needed resources which weren’t available on the planet so they made a spaceship specifically for gathering them from the colonies they set up. The inhabitants didn’t mind and were happy to do it. Some of them knew who they were but didn’t put up a fight.   K'reus, Tavfar and Trelelos provides metals for weapons and some gemstones related to necklaces for controlling abilities. Vertan and Xe'vav provides some building resources.  


The Cédai never had a good interaction with humans. Humans are considered weak and pathetic. They first had contact when they overheard other races talk about them. They were curious and wanted to check them for themselves.   Humans weren’t what they were expecting. They never seen such hostility. They fought back and left the planet Earth. Ever since then they have always come back and try to get revenge. They had more advanced tech than humans so that made it easier but the devil showed up sometimes and ruined their plans.

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Cover image: by SnapWireSnaps on Pixabay


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