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Best Tradition Article of WorldEmber 2021

I’m proud to share with you the winner and runners-up for Best Tradition Article of WorldEmber 2021, the category I judged for World Anvil's December 2021 worldbuilding event.


Best Tradition Article

Royal Childbirth
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 22, 2022

A weird, even disgusting event to outsiders, the celebration of a Royal Childbirth is the glue that holds Ouvezian society together.

This article caught my attention during my first perusal of the entrants and never let go. I loved the concept of the birthing process being cause for a community-wide celebration, and all the little details that went along with that. It conjured so many rich images, and was full of story possibilities.



Because the competition was so fierce, I couldn’t decide on just one runner-up and instead am naming these four articles as my honorable mentions.

The Dwarven Twists
Tradition / Ritual | Oct 13, 2022
Tradition / Ritual | Jun 9, 2023

When the people of Kathal'Dir reach adulthood at the age of 20, they have to explore the ancient ruins of the Giants and face the dangers that lie within

Five Hundred Fun Ways to Die
Tradition / Ritual | May 13, 2022

A game show competing for the most outlandish methods of death before a live studio audience, Five Hundred Fun Ways to Die began as an offshoot of an SAF campaign to combat a growing stigma against Conscription, until it took on a life of its own.

Wedding Brawl
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 31, 2021

More That Caught My Eye

In case you’re looking for even more fantastic worldbuilding, here are some other entries which caught my eye during the difficult process of narrowing things down to a single winner.

Name Casting
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 8, 2021
Worship of Ancestors
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 3, 2022

People worship their ancestors and the trace of themselves they leave after dying, communicating with them to receive protection and advice. A person's ancestors are determine their social worth, and shaming one's ancestors is a terrible act.

Crienia marriage tradition
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 16, 2021
Tradition / Ritual | Mar 6, 2022

A cherished, intimate wedding ceremony beloved by gods and man alike.

Helɉan Hair
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 28, 2021
Honey Burial
Tradition / Ritual | Nov 4, 2023
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 23, 2024
Jorsøt | "Warrior's Cake"
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 7, 2022

A traditional meal for magic users

Tradition / Ritual | Jan 24, 2023
Rite of the Hatching
Tradition / Ritual | Sep 5, 2022

A key rite in the training of all Talons is to steal an egg from The Eyries of Aetora and then successfully raise the vulture themselves through its hatching and maturity.

Dagovine Hill Roll
Tradition / Ritual | Oct 12, 2023

Every year, adventures gather to chase a cheese wheel down a hill for magical prizes.

Tradition / Ritual | Jan 20, 2023
Growing up as an elf
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 30, 2021
Points of the compass
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 16, 2023

From which way does the wind blow? All points of the compass.


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Feb 6, 2022 20:18 by Ononomad

Great choice for the winning entry, and thanks for the honourable mention too! :-)

Feb 6, 2022 21:41 by E. Christopher Clark

Thank you! There were so many outstanding pieces to choose from, but when I was coming back to my list today to choose more to highlight for this article, yours was fresh in my mind the moment I reopened it. Great work!

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Feb 7, 2022 21:00 by Maybe Stewart

This is a fantastic list, and thank you for the honorable mention! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it despite it's rushed nature ^_^

Feb 7, 2022 21:32 by E. Christopher Clark

You're so welcome. And thank you for writing it, even in the midst of what sounds like it was a busy December.

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