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The world of Ebontyde is a place fraught with dangerous beasts, aberrant threats, and political machinations. Wicked creatures rule the wilderness between great cities. The seas are dark and home to bizarre creatures not from this realm. A mist rolls across the coasts that cause people to slip into madness. Nobles and guildsmen employ spies and scoundrels to wrest secrets and artifacts from each other.   There is, however, great bounties to be had. The old empires who've long since died were masters of potent magics. Artifacts of great power, tomes of arcane secrets, chests of gold and gemstones lay dormant in elaborate vaults built by the ancients to protect their wealth from the wrath of the dragons. Many of these treasures lay waiting, unclaimed, for uncanny adventurers to wrest them from the prison of time.   The gods show favor to their devotees, and even enable miracles to be performed by their most pious of worshipers, however they do not walk among us or let their motivations be known. Studious wizards have retained much knowledge of the arcane practices of magic, but the ability to permanently bind the magic has been lost to the ages. It is also a time of innovation. Within the last century tinker gnomes have created black powder and the first firearms, a brilliant human invented the airship, and a centralized bank has unified currency on over half the known world.   Ebontyde is a tumultuous realm, though hard living breeds hard people, and the people who thrive in Ebontyde could be described as nothing less than formidable.

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