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16 Therendor 998YK

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Eberon, a world of technology and magic. The years since Bijin took the throne after a struggle with the Yuan-ti menace have seen rapid and unparaleled inovation and progress, spured on by the discovery of many Eldritch machienes of unrivaled power. Civilization has florished, and with that drew the ire of rival nations, this resulted in the 100 year war known as "The Last War" by the populous. The war finally ended as the Mourning hit the shores of the continent, sweeping across the cities and creating confusion of death in its wake.   As the great dragon marked houses banded together to combat the morning, it stopped. disapairing back to the sea, only leaving its taint over Cyre. Our adventure begins as members of one of the fabled dragon marked houses, House Galandra.