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Elves originated on Xen'drik, supposedly when the Giants ransacked a Feyspire and enslaved the Eladrin within. Over time, their connection to Thelanis lessened, and they became closer to the mortal elves we know today.   Elves are known to be a strange and diverse people in Eberron, and humans will often find them as strange as they might find orcs or goblins. Elves are longer lived than humans, significantly so, and this impacts the way that they view the world. Those who have chosen to live in Khorvaire have generally integrated into the culture of the Five Nations and have adopted their ideology and customs. The elves of Aerenal, both the Aereni and Tairnadal are isolationist and even xenophobic, rarely interacting with other cultures and paying little attention to happenings outside of their borders.   Modern elves are split into several cultures, the Aereni, Tairnadal, The Line of Vol.   The elves of Khorvaire are as diverse as the race as a whole, and divide themselves by nation or dragonmarked house. Some still hold to their people's belief in ancestor worship, but it's unlikely to be as deeply entrenched in their lives as it is for the tairnadal or aereni. There is currently one dragonmark that manifests on elves, the Mark of Shadow, and it is divided across both House Phiarlan and House Thuranni.   The Drow of Xen'drik developed entirely different cultures to the modern elves, despite sharing a common ancestor. The Qabalrin¬†are also a group of elves that were utterly destroyed before the downfall of the giants.
200+ years

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