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88. When in Gnome Report

General Summary

18th Sypheros, 999 YK

  • Lozaal goes and buys the materials to craft some new kegs for his booze.
  • The group then mill about until sundown, when Wildnight begins.
  • They make their way up to Hareth's Folly to find Lakashtai, with Dax' Athla trying to keep Lozaal from getting distracted and wandering off.
  • They get to Hareth's Folly and find Lakashtai doing an Adaran meditation-through-movement exercise in a crowd of people, who are giving her a wide berth because she's throwing chakrams about.
  • Kalshana recognizes the exercise Lakashtai is doing and joins in, and Lakashtai seems to assist her psionically, throwing one of her chakrams to Kal.
  • Lozaal incites a riot by pushing and shoving people, and then slips away when the watch arrive.
  • Lakashtai then joins the group as they party through Sharn. Warden wildshapes into a macaque so that he can get drunk, and Lozaal wanders off to find a private party somewhere.
  • Lozaal goes up and tries to get into private parties in the upper city. He successfully gets into one, but he stands out like a sore thumb and someone calls security on him. He then wanders for some time and finds himself in Den'iyas, the Zil district. He tries to start a rave there, but he's alone.
  • After some time, a gnome comes out and then a small crowd forms. One of the gnomes begins waving a conductor's wand around, and music seems to come from everywhere at once. It's like club music mixed with whimsical elements, which is very bizarre.
  • Lozaal notices that all of the gnomes are actually the same gnome in different outfits.
  • He dances the night away, using his hammer as a pole for poledancing, to the music created by this gnome. Later in the evening, the gnome summons back-up dancers that look like Lozaal in different outfits with different hairstyles.
  • When the gnome gets tired, he does a bow and the sound of applause fills the air. Lozaal tries to flirt with the gnome, but the gnome politely refuses and then gives him a sweet that looks like a songbird and actually sings. Lozaal silences its song by eating it.
  • Lozaal then falls asleep in a rosebed.
  • Warden passes out from alcohol and Dax has to carry Macaque-Warden back to Clifftop. Kal stayed up too late and eventually was told to go to bed by Lakashtai. Dax took them both back up to Clifftop and then went in search of Lozaal.
  • Dax is a pro at investigation and manages to follow Lozaal's tracks (metaphorically) through the city, and eventually finds him asleep in the rosebed in Den'iyas. She lets him sleep for a while and then wakes him up, taking him back to Clifftop.
  • Lozaal clears his head by making his barrels, which takes 2 hours.

19th Sypheros, 999 YK

  • In the morning, both Warden and Kalshana use lesser restoration to purge the alcohol from their systems, which Lozaal thinks is cheating. They exchange stories of the wild night (heh) they had.
  • They then discuss where to go from here, with Warden wanting to visit his friend Wolfgang in Korranberg. It is determined that he can go alone, as it's too expensive for everyone to travel there.
  • Warden will go to Korranberg and then get a Lightning Rail to Starilaskur. From there he'll return to New Cyre and depart for Wroat when the Cyran delegration does.
  • The others will spend some more time in Sharn and then make their way to Wroat in time to meet up with the Cyran delegation.
  • Warden sends a House Sivis Sending Stone instant message to Wolfgang, "Wolfgang, its 4s/Warden, I will be making my way to Korrenberg via ship from Sharn, where can I meet you?"
Eberron: Inquisition
Level 5 Warforged Circle of the Stars Druid
(Gatekeeper Initiate)
/ 38 HP
Dax' Athla
Lozaal Daashor
Report Date
12 Mar 2022

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