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403 I.E. , The 18. Of Nightal.

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Eastrix, a world of mysteries beyond comprehension, deep-seated anger, wizard rivalries, wars between nations, dark dungeons ruled by necromancers, dragonic guardians and every once in a while alien entities from the many realms that encircle the work that is Eastrix. Eastrix is a world that is constituted by many different collections of continents. Some of the continents or collections of islands are Sorashana, Manou and Talara. Through this much history that has shaped the world of Eastrix has happened, but even the outer realms or planes have also influenced the world that is Eastrix. The creation of the world is shrouded in mystery and many religions, scientists and druids have tried to give an ample description or retelling of how it happened, however, the stories vary heavily. One thing is consistent the "Mystery of Eastrix" as it has been referred to, is still to this day hidden away. So join us, and devel deep into the lore of Eastrix and see if you can solve the "Mystery of Eastrix".