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Ra'thol the Explorer

Founder of Ra'myr and Ra'shishi by inhabitants of the Forest of Serenity

With curiousity coming out of the womb...

Born within a unnamed tribe and raised by unknown men and women, the name Ra'thol has been given to him by the members of his tribe. The name means ''One that is curious''. Before the land of Ra'myr has sipped it's first human blood by the waging battles between the small tribes, Ra'thol did not witness any battles. At this age of time, tribes and clans knew the risks of moving from one place to another, so they'd rather choose a place for their tribe and make it a permanent place.

Ra'thol was different than the rest, he couldn't craft nor carry a weapon. What he did like was walking, long walks. At one time, a few tribesmen came back from hunting animals and shared their stories about the beautiful landscape they have never seen before. Ra'thol, sitting across the campfire, his eyes filled with curiousity as he listened to the stories told by the men with broad smiles on their face. Even though his home did not have any wooden walls, Ra'thol still felt that he has never truly left home and seen the outside world.

The adventure...

Ra'thol's Rest, the journey ends for the famous explorer....

by Anastasia Ovchinnikowa

First name:
Last name:
Year of birth:
Year of death:
420, died of old age

Known as:
Ra'thol the Explorer
Founder of Ra'myr
Creator of Ra'thol
The Ra'shishi

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