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"I saw King Aelum raise his left arm and call upon his strength, he bellowed with such might that all the word could have heard. He screamed the spell's name, and with that, brought a storm of such ferocity that all the crops in the kingdom would be washed away. But, the storm only stayed for a moment, disappearing as quickly as it arrived."


Summons a ferocious thunder storm.

Side/Secondary Effects

Drains Storm Mana


The size of the storm depends on the caster's experience in summoning storm magic, storm mana reserves, and overall skill of the caster.


It originates from storm mana, however if combined with Ice mana it will produce a blizzard.


The Storm Elves created this spell and gifted it to all life.

Related Deity/Higher Power
Related Organizations
Material Components
High levels of Storm Mana is required. However, if a storm pendant is present no storm mana is required
Gestures & Ritual
There are no known religious meanings behind this spell.
Related Discipline
The Storm elves created the spell, however, it can be taught at Gerien University
Related School
It comes from the school of Nejiestiyad (house of storm)
Related Element
Besides it summoning a thunder storm, if combined with ice, fire, poison, or ground mana it may create Blizzards, Pyronados, Acid Rain, or Sandstorms respectivaly
Effect Duration
Its duration requires a lot of storm mana reserves as well as a lot of experience in storm magic
Effect Casting Time
It is instantaneous
It summons above the caster, however, if it is cast into a portal it will summon in the exit of the portal
It is common place for storm magic Masters to know this spell
Applied Restriction
If there is any naturally occurring weather, it will not work.

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