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Kiryuu Zero

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First Alpha
Zero Kiryuu

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Enhanced speed strength and senses, from both hunter heritage and vampirism.

  • Further enhanced sense of smell due to bond with the wolf

Identifying Characteristics

Vampire seal tattooed on the left side of neck. Three piercings in upper left ear, two in the lower right, plus two in each lobe. Navel piercing. Possesses a variety of scars and rune tattoos that mark her as a hunter.

Special abilities

Vampire Sensing: Since her turning has been able to differentiate between levels of vampires, and is especially sensitive to Purebloods (To the point she can recognize the individual energy signatures of Purebloods).

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    After Yuuki’s awakening and devouring Ichiru she is able to sense the energy of both vampires and hunters enough to identify any of them by energy signature alone
Enhanced Healing
  • Can be further enhanced through consuming blood
Shapeshifting: Possesses the ability to physically shift genders, and to perform both full and partial shifts into the form of her spirit animal.
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After his death she is able to completely summon Ichiru in a corporeal form on full moon nights due to the power she has available, and all that ties the two of them
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After consuming the pureblood of Kaname, Yuuki, and Shizuka (through Ichiru and Yuuki's awakening is able to access a noble level vampire power: Summoning and manipulating vampiric rose vines.

Specialized Equipment

Bonded to the anti-vampire weapon Bloody Rose.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Skilled with rune-work.

  • Skilled at crafting and using hunter charms tied to runes on objects

Likes & Dislikes

Only likes carrots in vegetable soup, all others are often snuck to White Lily.

Virtues & Personality perks

Kind-hearted: The younger Zero was relatively gentle, to the point where Ichiru questioned her ability to be a hunter. Remains composed in most situations. Protective of those claimed as hers.

Vices & Personality flaws

Cold and hostile exterior.


Religious Views

Bonded spirit animal is the Wolf.


Bars teeth as a way to establish dominance, while narrowed eyes and fully closed mouth represent submission.

Current Location
Cross Academy
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Omega Vagabond
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First Alpha of ? Pack
Year of Birth
15050 CE 18 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born the elder of a pair of twins, the first pair of twins to be successfully born to a hunter. They bear the title The Cursed Twins.
Current Residence
Cross Academy
Biological Sex
Born male
Gender Identity
Relatively genderfluid (including the ability to physically shift genders). After the attack on the Kiryuu family and her turning she believed she lost the ability to shift and has been in a physically female form since. Comfortable with any pronouns, regardless of physical gender at the time.
Silky silver, straight
Skin Tone
Pale, almost translucent
Quotes & Catchphrases
“Come on vampires. I've been pissed off lately.” “Listen up, brats! Get the hell back to your dorms! Why do I have to deal with you running around screaming 'Kyaa! Kyaa!' every damn day?! Why?!”
Aligned Organization
The Hunter's Association

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