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Earth post-Flash (system apocalypse world)


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In the near future, scientists are working on viewing a new energy. This energy is found in low levels on earth, but satellites pick up little to none of this energy form outside the atmosphere. Due to the attempts of scientists to use this energy as a clean source of energy for the modern worlds electronics, they used a particle collider to create more of this energy. The scientists then lose control of the collider, causing an explosion that releases vast amounts of world energy to fill the world. The ground zero of the collider then sinks, continuously releasing world energy while moving to the earths core. World energy, the energy that once filled the earth and allowed miracles and access to the world to gods and demons, is once again flooding the earth. The gods find the way open to earth again, but the world energy compressing in the earth would very quickly lead to its demise.   In order to save humanity, whose worship affinity world energy they need to live, the gods take inspiration from modern entertainment and create a system, much like a video game, that allows the earth, and its people and nature, to absorb more of the world energy and stabilize the earth. When this is ultimately not enough, they also increase the worlds size, adding new landmarks and area for dungeons and myths, both modern and old, to take form. The Gods from less worshiped pantheons try to institute a faction system, the gods from the more powerful pantheons (Christianity, Judaism (just because of its connection to Christianity and Islam), Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism) see this for the seeds of war that any faction system will become. The Big 5 compromise by making a quest system, which allows gods to give quests to humanoids who perform certain actions, are in a certain area, or are related to the god in some way.   The lowest form of world energy is the combination of ki, the energy of the body, psi, the energy of the mind, and mana, the energy of the soul (emotion and belief). Each human has a specific affinity in each of their energy types based on the contents of the body, ancestors, actions, and beliefs. Each energy pool has three measurements: ki: strength, agility, and constitution psi: will, neuroplasticity, and intelligence mana: conviction, resonance, and capacity the first measures strength of energy, the second flexability of energy, the third measures energy pool size. The energy is cultivated in different ways. Ki pool, constitution, is increased by absorbing and refining world energy with the same affinity as your own to stretch the heart space. Rarer and more powerful affinities are thus sometimes harder to cultivate. Strength and agility are increased through training and actions. Psi pool is increased by the knowledge of your affinity and the amount the pool has been stretched, though stored psi is replenished through world energy. Will and neuroplasticity are trained by pushing your psi to do bigger things, or making your psi do subtle actions, respectively. The mana pool is enlarged through absorbing more energy and stretching the soul space. conviction is increased by forcing your mana to come out in a faster rush, and resonance is grown by making your mana work more complicated actions. There are higher tiered energies, which are mixtures: Aether (ki and mana), Ether (mana and psi), and Nether (psi and ki) that do different things based on the affinity of energies mixed.   Humans are taken to a "tutorial dimension" where each human is separate from each other at the advent of the system. While they are away, the earth grows exponentially larger, the system separating the world based on regional lines and adding more land or sea to the areas in between. The system then waits 6 months before bringing the humans back, during which most humans chose to go into stasis due to the strain of having no social interaction for 6 months, while others, with the influence of having chosen an affinity with a bad compatibility to them, go insane (named "flash-mad"). Upon the humans arrival back on earth, between quests Gods give out, Monsters, and the flash-mad, humanity has a lot to deal with.

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