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Horses are one of the primary modes of transport throughout the remnants of civilization. With what became of the world after the bombs fell horses began to change. The lack of a sustainable diet the causing the most notable change over time. Though not immediately clear to those who would know of pre-war horses, it is now much more dangerous to get close enough to bite. There use though common is also notably uncommon in other areas. In parts of what was once America that did not have large numbers of horses they are noticeably lacking and fairly rare to see where as in other parts they are far more commonly seen as yet another danger of the wasteland.
The animals are commonly used alongside other large animals for trade caravans that roam the wasteland or move between settlements. They have also been used for fights and raids. Raiders have a tendency to use them when first striking a settlement or a trade caravan as it allows them to approach far quicker.

Basic Information


Horses are one of the many animals that have been affected by the radiation and alteration of the land around them, giving the massive animals teeth far sharper than they once had. The large muscular animals are now more commonly noted in some places for the danger they present.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Unlike pre-war horses, these horses are omnivores, many of which live off of a primary diet of meat. Commonly they are fed what little is left over from what the settlements that keep them have. Some settlements even allow them to graze in nearby areas and find their own prey. It has even been known for raiders to allow any horses they have to eat the bodies of those they kill, or their own that have died.
Scientific Name


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