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In the land of Earin there are tales of an ancient civilization that covered the entire planet and even traveled the stars. But their hubris lead them down a path of self destruction and only remnants of their great and advanced civilization remain. Some of their technology has been found, some of it repaired, and some of it has been replicated. Clues to who they were now exist only in the most remote and hidden places in Earin.

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  • Map of Earin

    The world as known to the civilizations along the Arento Sea.

  • Map of Nokolesi

    Nokolesi is the last port city when traveling the exotic cities of the north and east. There is no central government in Nokolesi instead there are a group of five Houses that decide amongst themselves how to govern their city. Most city services are provided by private companies or The Houses. Only about 40% of the population at any given time considers itself a citizen of Nokolesi, the rest are travelers and merchants that live in either hostels, inns, or local rented houses if they plan to stay longer. During the winter, the port freezes over preventing ships and the populace from leaving. There used to be a safe passage through the Mountains called the Pass of Sentoli but it was overrun by foul creatures decades ago and no one has attempted to reopen it.

  • Map of Petaketu

    Governed by Mayor Alvin Senda by the authority of Lord Calvin Kredis, The Lord of Castle Malo and protector of the Realm of Tiluskaku. Petaketu has a population of over 7000. It is primarily occupied by Humans but there is a size-able Mechanical population in Harts Borough.