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Rule Clarifications

Animal Companion Tricks

See the following language on Handle Animals Also good language on recommendtions for companions Tricks are no longer required as Sprocket has an intelligence of 3. Handle Animal checks will still be used to determine how well you are able to communicate your desire to Sprocket. Higher DC for more complex requests. Outside of combat, you can take 10/20 on Handle Animal. Normally "Handling an animal" is a Move Action, "Pushing" is a Full-Round Action. As a Hunter you have the "Link" ability and "Hanlding" is a Free Action and "Pushing" is a move action.  


At the start of each day you prepare a number of catalyst vials equal to the number of bombs you can use. The catalyst vials are used to rapidly create the bomb during the round you use them. Bombs must be used in the round they are created. Thrown spash weapons rules  

Revolvers Critical

Revolvers do have x4 critical. The damage was correct  

Aether Cascade

Aether Cascade specifically states that it requires a ranged touch attack to hit per arc that functions like the first ray. I will adjust to rerolling damage per arc.   Also fair warning, looking ahead, I will only allow the 4th selection ability to apply to creatures with souls. I'm also considering changing the max limit to this ability. Arcing to your caster level is a bit ridiculous. Currently thinking half your caster level.

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