Celetus 13th, 1050BD

Drimore is a beautiful planet, created by several gods, and hidden behind a light bending nebula on the fringes of space. It is land, scarred by an ancient war of spiritual forces, yet still pristine and teaming with all sorts of life. In fact, because several gods played a role in making it, there remains constant struggle in the heavenlies as to who will control it.   But for now, Drimore has been submerged into the plane of time and mortality, so as to stop the gods from messing with it so easily as before. And so Drimore has experienced peace from the gods for quite some time, and new races of sentient beings have cropped up all over. Some are human, others not so much, but each come with their unique strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and governments.   Currently, these newly raised humanoids are keeping mostly to themselves, but with new problems now arising, what will become of these races? Will they cause blood shed and destruction for all who don't look like them? Or will they one day band together in unity and form nations and empires? Time will only tell.

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