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Beings of light and shadow have co-existed together in near harmony for decades. In a time of peace, there were few problems that the people of Draygar faced. However, peace is a word that many Draygards do not believe. Corrupt monarchs, secrets, tension among people, restrictions on travel for certain species, and closed borders have always loomed over them. Peace was a facade that many wished to believe in, but the brave fought against.

Each kingdom strives to maintain the image of peace and prosperity while also achieving their personal goals. Under the guise of unity, many of the kingdoms have formed alliances with one another, despite the protests of the people. Due to its problems, many creatures that call Draygar home have decided to leave for Earth in the hopes that life would be simpler there, but they do not stay there very long as they favor life on Draygar far more.

With the ideals drastically different than Earth, most people deal with the issues they have with their kingdom instead of leaving. The populace of Draygar is very accepting of peoples differences- they know and understand the value of each individuals soul- unlike on Earth.


Hunters of Draygar

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Hunters helping the betterment of Lyrae.

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