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Lower Aurun

 Thee final journey of the drow. And the lifeblood of the Underdark by many's reckoning 

Religious Importance

The drow believe that the only way to reach their after life is to send the dead down the river. They are bound in cloth that prevents the body from fouling the water in its passage downward. Initiates of the priesthood are charged with keeping the river clean and unobstructed.  


Due to the importance of the river to the drow they have made many pushes, both to expand their control of the river and to block off it's tributaries. This, as could be expected , has resulted in rather poor relations with their neighbors. Many of whom rely on the water. Recent times have caused conflict with new far deeper dwelling races as they expand towards the bottom


Despite their obsession with the river's cleanliness, there are in fact several local florae that are farmed both in and on the edges of the river. Of these the most important are those used in drow funerals. Those being glow lichen and silkgrass. Glow lichen makes a water resistant pate that seals drow remains within the cloth. It grows along the banks of the river and on the surface in slower moving portions. Many local herbivores rely on it for food. Silkgrass, on the other hand, is weaved to form the cloth remains are wrapped in. The cloth is also weaved into bandages. Silkgrass itself feeds a number of bottom feeders.

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